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Rockhound Memories

Dinosaurs in the Valley
By Walter Beneze
Posted on 12/11/2020 4:13 PM
Dinosaurs in the Valley

October 2020 saw my family on a trip to the fossil
-rich central Texas area of Glen Rose, Texas. We rented a VRBO (Vacation Rental by Owner) house on the Brazos River, where we hoped to find some fossils, or maybe some petrified wood. We spent some time each day exploring the shoreline of the river and in the shallow water near the shore looking for collectible material. While we did not find anything that we wanted to bring home in the week-long adventure, it was a nice place to relax and unwind by the gently flowing waters of the river.

We visited Dinosaur Valley State Park, where dino
saur tracks were clearly visible in many places of the Paluxy river bed. Theropod and Sauropod dinosaurs roamed the area in the distant past, and the footprints were mixed together in parts of the valley. Clear evidence that several species of dinosaur existed at the same time and in the same stomping grounds.

The Theropod is believed to be the Acrocan
thosaurus (a carnivorous dinosaur, slightly smaller than the Tyrannosaurus), and they left a very distinct three-toed pattern footprint. There is a site that provides evidence of Theropod in pursuit of young Sauropod, perhaps looking for a meal?

Sauropod is believed to be Sauroposeidon Proteles, which left large elephant-like tracks and is believed to be one of the largest animals to ever roam the earth. These dinosaurs are believed to have existed during the end of the early cretaceous period. Collecting is not allowed in the park, but the educational experience alone is worth the visit. While this trip was a total flop for collecting rocks, minerals, and fossils, this rockhounds memory will stand out as a trip for learning about dinosaurs in Texas. Something that I had very little knowledge about before this week; go check out Glen Rose, Texas; you will be glad you did.

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