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Stone Identification

Trying to Identify These
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Ok, so I finally had time to do some basic tests (I'm pretty new at this) and see what I could confirm. Here's what I've got on the stuff I posted before for identification. After this one I'm going to post a set I'm now trying to identify. Here are my verdicts and non-verdicts on the past ones:

Blue and brown (see attached for all pics): Either Fancy Jasper (India) or Mexican Dunes Jasper.
Streak: white or nothing, hardness - wouldn't scratch with anything from copper to steel pocketknife but maybe a faint scratch with sharp piece of quartz. Pretty hard - maybe 6-7?

Brown with little holes: Palmwood, probably Texas?
Streak: Either white or nothing
Hardness - pretty hard, couldn't scratch it with anything I had. At least 7?

Brown and white, maybe dendritic?: Unknown so far. I forgot to check streak and hardness on this one but it's shown in the pictures. I'll edit if I can check later.

Reddish brown smooth: Red Jasper possibly (these are all Daniel's guesses that I tried to prove) and is pretty hard. I couldn't scratch it with anything I had so I think at least a 7 or higher.

Black smooth: Maybe black jade. Also hard like the possible red jasper.

Ok- picture attached if anyone has different guesses or ideas on the unknown ones. I have a new set I'll post next and I tried to identify all of them, but so far I didn't manage to figure out most of them.
2 could be a fancy jasper from India
1 is Mexican Dunes Jasper - not to be confused with Rolling Hills dolomite.
5 is TX/LA palmwood
3 could be black jade
5 might be red jasper if MOHS 7
Here are some that I'm trying to figure out! I numbered them 1-5. Numbers 3 and 4 were given to me and they just look like river rock to me. I'm learning to use the steps with the hardness, streak plate, etc. but it's harder than it appears! Anybody have ideas on any of these?

I edited this because I realized I had the numbers mixed up on two of the stones.  I'll re-attach an image with the identifications Daniel suggested after I check the hardness on the red one.  Then I'll see if I've got the definite ones labeled right and the not-sure ones marked in case there are other ideas.
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