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Green Goldstone
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That is awesome!
The included image is the final product using the Green Goldstone. A striking wine stopper reminiscent of the sugary ring pops that kids and kids at heart enjoy. As a bonus i have also included an image of another wine stopper using Black Tourmaline. I kept the natural crystalline surface and only polished the top.
Thanks for sharing, that is really nice when finished.
This is a piece of Green Goldstone i got off Ebay. If you show up to our March meeting you'll get to see what i made out of some of it. I'll also bring some extra pieces if anyone wants to try their hand at working with this material (be sure to wear eye protection!). It is very sharp when it fractures like obsidian, because i cut myself working with it. Another live and learn moment. I will post pictures of the final product if you can't make the meeting.
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