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Monthly JALAF Challenge

2023 JALAF, Activities and Rules
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2023 JALAF

Jewelry and Lapidary Arts Forum

January – Pointy!

February – Red, Pink or Hearts

Bolo Cabochon Blanks, Ties, Clips and Ends

for April will be provided*

March – All & Only Specimens

April – Bolos (Gold-Feather)

May – No Competition. Painting Rocks

​​ Bring Paint, Brushes and ~2”x3” River Rocks

Some rocks and supplies will be provided.

These painted rocks will be printed with our

website and clear-coated so you may take

them on vacation with you and leave them

somewhere. We hope the finder will log-in to

our website and tell us where they found the

rock and then place it in another location!

June -All & Only Cabochons

July – Red, White & Blue Specimens

​​Jewelry Boxes and Slabs will be provided for


August – Ice Cream Social

​​Summer Vacation Show-N-Tell

September – Jewelry Boxes (Gold-Feather)

October – Black, Orange, Purple, Monster or

Ghost Cabochons

​​ Necklace Findings of all kinds will be provided

for November*

November – Necklaces

December – Christmas Party


Anything you have SELF-COLLECTED or MODIFIED may be entered.

You may enter store bought jewelry or bolo components only if you have assembled them yourself. You may enter a bought specimen if you have cut, polished, carved it or added value yourself. You must have polished cabochons yourself.

This competition is NOT about the power of your money, but the power of your imagination and increased skill.



Beginners are defined as someone who has been doing a certain aspect of the hobby for less than a year. Beginners are not required to stick to the monthly theme.

For example; A member who has collected and made cabochons for 40 years may be a Beginner in Jewelry if they have just begun Silver-smithing.

When a Beginner feels their skills are competitive with experienced members, or they have been competing in the Beginner category for a year, (whichever comes first) they must move to the Experienced category (using the honor system).


You may bring your storebought or gifted items, that fit the theme, for Show-N-Tell.

You may also bring newly acquired mineral, lapidary or jewelry items for Show-N-Tell.

Teresa H Burns, JALAF Master. 806.773.8265.

*Jewelry Boxes, slabs, bolo pre-forms, ties, clips, ends and necklace findings being provided this year come mostly from the estate of the late Daniel Bontempo. RIP

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The LGMS meets at 3007 33rd Street, Lubbock Texas on the first Tuesday of each month. Juniors at 6 pm, Adults at 7:15 pm. Membership is open to all interested parties. Visitors are always welcome!