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    Lubbock Gem & Mineral Society is honored to host the South Central Federation of Mineral Societies Convention during our Annual Rock, Gem, & Mineral Show May 7-8, 2016 at the Lubbock Civic Center. LGMS brings together those interested in Earth Sciences & Lapidary arts for knowledge and study.

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Whether you're a gemology or geology professional or just a kid who likes pet rocks

If you look for unpolished jewels in unexpected places ... if you can't resist a good treasure hunt ... If you dig hiking and would hike to dig ... If you are interested in the art of jewelry making ...If you are interested in geology and earth sciences .... or if you just plain LOVE rocks ...

You've come to the right web site.

The Lubbock Gem and Mineral Society is dedicated to furthering the study of Geology and Earth Sciences in the West Texas region. Our membership ranges from retirees all the way to toddlers -- and we always enjoy learning and providing quality educational experiences for our members and the community at large. If you're interested, please browse our site. You are welcome to attend a meeting the first Tuesday of any month for free! Don't be shy -- we are glad to have you.

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January Meeting Notice

Welcome to the New Year everyone, Well the first meeting of the new year is coming up tomorrow night. Hope to see you all there. I know everyone has been snowed in, but I am hoping you are all out now. Makes you wish you had invested in that plow the guy at Sears tried […]

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Help! Dugway Geode Claim Access at risk

AT RISK OF CLOSING ACCESS: DUGWAY GEODE CLAIM Save the Geodes! The BLM is threatening to close the only commercial claim on the Dugway Geode beds, in operation for the last 50 years, because the renewal paperwork was late this year. The claim is run by the Crapo family under the business name “The Bug […]

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